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Linux Root Directory Issues

Linux Root directory is the initial point, from where the system starts looking for the files stored on the hard disk. Each file and folder that you store on your Linux-based system is marked under this root directory. It is denoted by ‘/’. The Linux root directory further subdivides into subdirectories in hierarchical form.

But you might experience frustrating experiences if this root directory gets corrupt. Besides giving certain error messages, it makes your data inaccessible. Thus it is must that you have valid copy of all the important data. But most of the times, users don’t maintain or update their backup. In such situations, you should use Linux Data Recovery applications and scan your affected disk to restore lost information.

All Linux directories (like /bin, /boot, /etc, /initrd, /usr, /home, /root tec.) are below this root directory, ‘/’. There can be several reasons that could corrupt it like unexpected shutdown, operating system errors and more. A Linux system shows abrupt behvior while the root directory is corrupt. Some of the typical errors that it shows while such situations are:

• “No such file or directory”

• System becomes unbootable

• System fails to create or delete files and folders


To solve root directory corruption issues, you should try following these methods:

• Try scanning your disk using fsck. You need to ensure that you run this command in single-user mode and the file system is not mounted.

• If fsck fails to repair file system corruption, you should reformat the disk. This process will recreate the entire file system structure.

Since formatting deletes all the data from hard disk, you need to check the status of backup. To get complete restoration results, the data backup must be completely updated and healthy. If you find that data backup cannot restore, use Data Recovery Linux tools.

Linux Data Recovery software are advanced applications that use safe scanning algorithms to locate the missing information. Such tools empower you easy data recovery through interactive user interface and well-documentation. You can use such utilities in each case of logical data loss.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is a comprehensive data recovery tool for Linux-based system. It supports Data Recovery Linux for Ext2, Ext3, and ReiserFS file systems. The application provides you advanced features such as, RAW File Recovery, File Filter, Append File Header etc. It is compatible with almost all Linux distributions including Gentoo, SlackWare, Mandrake, Ubuntu, SUSE etc.

Recover Forgotten Outlook Password

Recover Forgotten Outlook Password

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Have you lost or forgot your MS office outlook and outlook express passwords? As users often forget their password they had to remember so many passwords for multiple email accounts configured on MS outlook. Due to security and privacy reason you keep changing your passwords at regular basis. To remember so many passwords is very complex. MS office outlook and outlook express password recovery software helps to recover your forgotten outlook password.

MS outlook express password viewer software provides a unique solution to recover passwords for different email or news group account developed on outlook express along with server information including incoming and outgoing server name and port number. Outlook password unmask program uses advance password restoration technique to recover secret code of various email services account like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Hotmail etc configured on outlook express. Secret code restoration utility unmasks user authentication code hidden behind asterisks character (***) of any length and complexity or Unicode character used in it and save recovered information in text file at user specified location. Outlook express password retrieval utility can also restore password of PST, MBX and DBX file. Outlook password restoration application offers trouble-free handling the task of recovering multiple mail account passwords configured on office outlook and outlook express email account. Asterisk password unmask software is non-destructive tool efficient to recover lost passwords from all major versions of outlook express (5.0, 6.0 and 7.0) and Microsoft office outlook (2003, 2007). Outlook and outlook express password recovery program can retrieve password on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating system. Some of the advance features of this software are:
* Outlook express password viewer tool recovers all lost or forgotten saved email and newsgroup account passwords.
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